At Susan G. Komen Orange County, we strive to support those affected by breast cancer today, while tirelessly searching for tomorrow’s cures. We advocate for strong public policy, fund lifesaving research, empower patients with trustworthy information, improve access to high-quality care and offer treatment assistance and patient support.



Guided by patient advocates and the world’s leaders in breast cancer research, we are funding innovative studies to develop new ways to treat, detect, prevent and ultimately cure all forms of breast cancer.


Komen serves communities all across the nation by connecting people to lifesaving care and improving access to high-quality treatment through patient assistance and support.


We empower patients and their families with trustworthy information to help them make informed health decisions, providing personal support to better understand treatment options while overcoming barriers to receiving timely, high-quality health care.


We empower advocates to fight for compassionate, patient-centered policies from elected officials and  policymakers creating long-lasting, systemic change in public policy at all levels of government